Have a look at our current offers of new 1+kk to 5+kk apartments at Zahálka in Prague 4 near the Vltava River and a golf course, with excellent transport options to the city center. We’ll be happy to advise you and help you choose from our wide variety of apartments to find the best one for your needs, whether you’re looking for an investment or a new home.
Are you trying to find a place to open restaurant or cafe? Search no more, we offer also commercial units on Zahálka.

Price list

č. bytu Building Floor type Area BALCONY/TERRACE (m2) Price * Availability * pdf
10302 A 3 2+kk 57.7 m2 16.8 8 087 902 CZK Předrezervace pdf
20304 B 3 2+kk 48.1 m2 13.7 7 313 509 CZK Předrezervace pdf
20305 B 3 2+kk 55.2 m2 7.5 7 730 372 CZK Volný pdf
20307 B 3 2+kk 53.3 m2 12.7 7 685 895 CZK Volný pdf
20313 B 3 2+kk 55.9 m2 6.8 8 052 934 CZK Předrezervace pdf
40301 D 3 3+kk 71.3 m2 33.6 10 972 192 CZK Volný pdf
40302 D 3 2+kk 58.1 m2 16.8 8 165 248 CZK Volný pdf
40303 D 3 2+kk 58.1 m2 16.8 8 165 248 CZK Volný pdf
40304 D 3 2+kk 48.1 m2 13.7 7 616 112 CZK Volný pdf
40305 D 3 2+kk 55.2 m2 7.5 8 050 224 CZK Volný pdf
40306 D 3 3+kk 86.2 m2 14.1 12 505 500 CZK Volný pdf
40307 D 3 2+kk 53.3 m2 12.7 8 680 056 CZK Volný pdf
40308 D 3 1+kk 38.6 m2 9.5 6 437 088 CZK Předrezervace pdf
40310 D 3 2+kk 62.9 m2 4.2 7 639 632 CZK Předrezervace pdf
40311 D 3 2+kk 67.8 m2 15.9 8 796 060 CZK Volný pdf
40312 D 3 2+kk 53.3 m2 13.2 8 366 848 CZK Volný pdf
40313 D 3 2+kk 55.9 m2 6.8 8 184 960 CZK Volný pdf

*The price per unit includes VAT. The price does not include a parking place and a storage unit. The parking place
(CZK 411,400 incl. VAT) and storage unit (starting at CZK 35,000/sqm incl. VAT) must be purchased along with the apartment.

*You can send a reservation request for units marked as "pre-reserved" (“předrezervace”). You will be placed on a waiting list and we will contact you if the prior reservation is canceled.


Zahálka is located in Prague 4 near the attractive areas of Hodkovičky and Modřany. This new development is adjacent to a golf course and surrounded by plenty of green areas, a park and a wildlife corridor with the Zátišský Creek. A cycling path leads along the Vltava River from the Prague city center through Zbraslav to Vrané nad Vltavou. At Zahálka you’ll find the perfect conditions to relax and recharge, go out walking or cycling along the river, and make use of the many athletic opportunities outside and in the several nearby sports facilities.

These premium new apartments at Zahálka are the work of a reliable developer with more than 20 years in the business and renowned architects from an international competition. The apartment buildings are designed to make the most of natural light, with sensible apartment layouts and large balconies or terraces offering exceptional views over the surrounding area overlooking the Vltava River Valley, Chuchelský háj, golf course and old Hodkovičky. The exceptional apartments at Zahálka will give you and your family a comfortable place to live.

Zahálka features a variety of attractive apartments in all sizes and layouts: 1+kk, 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk and 5+kk. The combination of modern amenities and timeless architecture makes this the ideal home for your family or an investment opportunity. If you’ve got your eye on one of our exceptional apartments at Zahálka, don’t forget to reserve it! Or come out and have a chat with us and we’ll help you pick the right unit for you.