Zahálka scores again

Phase 1 of the Zahálka project has been BREEAM certified as Very Good. This certificate is a sign of meeting the highest environmental standards in construction. BREEAM considers projects as a whole, looking not only at energy efficiency and water and waste management, but also at the construction materials and processes used.

The sustainable solutions at Zahálka include a forced ventilation system with recuperation. Unlike ventilation with open windows, recuperation units can exchange air without letting in noise from the surrounding area. Similarly, the system saves energy on compensating for heat loss, circulating pre-heated (or cooled) air into the room. The units are fitted with filters that clean the air brought into the apartments of any impurities and dust, ensuring a healthier inside environment.

Zahálka received its positive assessment partly also due to its water saving methods, a park planted with local species of plants, and an insect hotel.