Zahálka grew four floors this summer

The building framework is starting to take on its final form. By the end of August both buildings were built up to the 8th floor, with work on the 9th underway. We update our photo gallery regularly with how construction is progressing. See for yourselves how the spacious terraces on both buildings open up to breathtaking views in all directions on much of Prague’s Vltava river valley. To the north you can see far beyond the towers of the Emmaus Monastery and Vyšehrad, while south-facing terraces enjoy views of the Cukrák television tower in Vrané nad Vltavou. Across the river to the west the Chuchle Grove stretches out wide, while to the east you can see Hodkovičky and all the way to Lhotka. Their position on high ground and in relation to each other gives each apartment on each floor of each building a unique view. Zahálka - light, air and space.