Foundations laid, now Zahálka can start to grow

We completed the earthworks and laid the base plate just in time for the end of the year. Now we will spend the first months of 2019 building the underground levels and in early spring Zahálka will start growing out of the ground along with the flowers. We will be adding one floor per month, and next year when building shells of both buildings are finished, we’ll celebrate the topping out.

The final work will be completed in the autumn of 2020 and Zahálka will be ready to welcome its new residents to its full glory. The final occupancy approval is scheduled for October 2020. We will be making regular updates including pictures, so you can keep track of our progress. We’ll also share anything interesting that goes on in the vicinity throughout the year, so watch this space! Come visit us on Facebook.

We wish you all the best in 2019! We plan on spending it hard at work to make sure that you can celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 in your new home at Zahálka.