Construction and sales at Zahálka are in full swing

The attractive location and high-end architecture have proved a winning combination. Since sales began, Zahálka has drawn quite a bit of attention from people in search of new homes, and has also won accolades from the professional public. The spacious terraces and well-designed buildings set in green areas with no cars have won particular praise. The anticipated success of the Zahálka project has certainly proven well-founded, thanks in part to its proximity to a golf course and a cycling path along the Vltava River.

One highly encouraging development is the predominant profile of new unit owners at Zahálka. At the current rate, half of all apartments on the projects will soon have owners, and despite the high demand for smaller apartments as investment properties, most people are buying apartments to move into and make their new homes. The concept of urban housing with excellent transport connections near the city center combined with the exclusive benefits of a location with plenty of leisure activities has proven successful.

Come and visit us in our sales office this summer, located right next to the Zahálka construction site, which is currently up to the fourth floor. Please do make an appointment first, however, as even summer vacation hasn’t slowed things down for us at Zahálka, so the office can be quite busy. While you’re here, make sure to have a look around and see how beautiful it is at Zahálka down by the river in the summer. Have a great summer!